Romania: Inspection of Pancota Animal Market

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Easter is almost here – and with it, in many countries, the religious tradition to sacrifice lambs. Animals’ Angels is on-site in Romania to observe these happenings and gain new evidence about the current situation at different markets.

We visit the animal market in Pancota. The market is officially authorised. At the entrance of the fenced area there is a sign announcing the required documents to enter the market with animals. Nevertheless, the small office at the entrance is closed and nobody is controlling the trucks, cars and carts bringing animals to the premise.

We see animals in compromised condition and still observe very rude handling. Pigs and lambs are lifted and moved around by their limbs. Sheep are displayed on the wet ground with their legs trussed up. Some old and skinny horses have to pull heavy carts through the mud. Some other horses are forced to demonstrate their strength by pulling carts with blocked wheels up the muddy and slippery hill (so-called traction tests).

Although it is prohibited to kill animals at the market, we find a killed goat kid between some parked cars. She remains on the muddy and wet floor whilst passengers pass by unheedingly. As no veterinarian is on-site, this happens unnoticedly.


Animals’ Angels will point out its observations to the competent official authorities calling for them to be on-site and stop the infringements.