Romania: Market Inspection at Targoviste

Animals´ Angels comes back to Targoviste to check the situation at the weekly local market.In the previous three years, we sent complaints to the authorities denouncing the very bad habit of horse owners to gather at the market and beat horses during a kind of competition.

During these competitions, the horses were whipped savagely and forced to drag weighted carts with blocked tires. The police and the veterinary office promised to attend the market to dissuade the horse owners from practicing this cruel tradition. And after three years, Animals´ Angels found that the area is not used anymore as plants have overgrown it and vans are parked there, selling their goods.

At the entrance of the market two posts warn market users that live animals cannot be traded in Targoviste and vehicles dragged by horses are strictly forbidden to enter. Well done Targoviste!

Animals´ Angels will keep monitoring the investigation of the prosecution office regarding the past crimes for cruelty.