Sheep Stand Crowded on Animal Transport at Temperatures of 36.5 °C – From France to Italy

Anda and Animals' Angels inspect an animal transport carrying sheep from France to a slaughterhouse in northern Italy. On the route, temperatures rise to 36.5 °C. The sight of the sheep is touching us. They stand crowded together on the truck, grinding with their teeth. They have no place to lie down during the 12-hour journey. We also have to assume that they didn't get any water on the way.

At such high temperatures, animal transports should not be dispatched at all, or should take place at night – if at all. In addition, the law requires that the loading density be reduced at high temperatures. In this case it was much too high.

Anda and Animals' Angels will take action against the Spanish carrier because of the unspeakable transport conditions and file a complaint with the responsible ministry in France.