Spain: Cattle Market in Santiago de Compostela Remains one of the Most Problematic in the Country

Worn-Out Milk Cows at Santiago de Compostela Cattle Market

Together with the Spanish organisation ANDA, Animals' Angels inspects the animal market in Santiago de Compostela. We have known the market for over 10 years and despite countless complaints, reports, meetings and media coverage, it remains one of the most problematic in the country.

The infrastructure is poor: most animals have no access to water and the floor is slippery – a danger for both animals and people. But the sight of the worn-out 'dairy' cows is particularly sad and shocking. So many are emaciated and go lame. Their posture and faces indicate pain. They are completely exhausted from standing for hours on the hard floor – without food and water. But since they can ultimately be transported to the slaughterhouses without any major problems during loading, they are considered transportable in accordance with the legal requirements. They may therefore be sold at the market and transported from there.

Even some traders agree with us: Here the cruel exploitation of the 'dairy' cows is shown very clearly. Despite the many setbacks and empty promises, ANDA and Animals' Angels will not give up and continue to work for more animal-friendly conditions at the market – and above all for better treatment of the 'milk' cows.