Spain: Inspecting ‚Dairy' Cow Holdings

Together with our partner organization ANDA, we return to Spain to further invest into ‚dairy' cow holdings in Galicia. Our two teams visit stables, talks to several owners and documents animal welfare problems.

We met the cows Alexandra and Eldora who visibly enjoy their pasture, fresh air and the sun. On the contrary: Antonia, Ana and Josefa stand in an utterly dirty exercise pen. They have no clean space to lie down, let alone access to pasture. Teresa, Laura and Lucia lie on the hard slatted floor in an old and dark tie-stall. Many people believe that cows do always give milk, but fact is: like humans, they only give milk when having given birth. The calves are taken away from their mothers shorty afterwards.

We will send a comprehensive report on our findings to the competent authorities.s.