Spain: Lame and Neglected 'Milk' Cows at Animal Market in Santiago de Compostela

Neglected Milk Cows at Animal Market in Santiago de Compostela

ANDA and Animals' Angels visit the animal market in Santiago de Compostela. Unfortunately, the situation is similar to our last visit in November 2017: We see numerous very thin and lame 'dairy' cows in neglected condition. Some of the animals have overlong claws due to a lack of care, which obviously causes pain to the cows.

For over 10 years ANDA and Animals' Angels have been complaining about the slippery and unsuitable flooring. Many animals slip and find no support, posing a risk for both humans and animals. Another problem is the lack of water supply which causes many animals to suffer from thirst.

ANDA and Animals' Angels will now turn to the Spanish media, as the authorities have still not solved the problems on the market.