Spain: Many Improvements in Animal Welfare at Torrelavega Market, but...

Calves in Pens at Torrelavega Animal Market, Spain

Anda and Animals' Angels are at the animal market in Torrelavega in northwest Spain. We are happy to see that our many years of work at the markets in Spain are bearing fruit and that things have improved for the animals there.

The official veterinarians check all animals at the entrance and are much stricter than before. All animals have straw bedding and free access to water. The market employees check the pens and the care of the animals and overall the cattle and horses are in good condition.

However, as always, we are concerned about the 'dairy' cows: those that are sold for further milk production sometimes arrive at the market with painfully bulging udders. Despite several warning signs, in some cases the udders are even sealed to prevent milk from leaking out. The 'slaughter' cows are fit for transport according to the law, but often present a sad picture.

We will continue to advocate for the 'milk' cows and demand that the 'spent' cows should not be sold through markets. They should - if at all - have to be transported directly to the slaughterhouse.