Summer Heat? Stop Animal Transports! Show Your Solidarity with the Animals Transported in Heat!

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Summer is just around the corner – soon hundreds of thousands of 'farm' animals will again be transported at much too high temperatures. These heat transports mean great suffering for the animals: trucks without air conditioning, close physical contact and water troughs that are often difficult to reach – a catastrophe from which we must save the animals. We are already putting pressure on the authorities and transport companies to act before it is too late again.

And you can help us!

Please support our fight and show the world your solidarity with the animals transported in heat:

Take a picture of yourself with our slogan: #StopHeatSuffering. Just write it on paper or print out our photo or show it on your mobile phone.

Then upload your photo under the hashtag #StopHeatSuffering on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter – preferably publicly so that everyone can see our message. Feel free to add your country to make our initiative go around the world.

Thanks for participating and sharing!