Tansania: 12 Market Inspections

On behalf of Animals‘ Angels, the VSPCA team carries out 12 market inspections – all in all, six markets are each checked twice. After the government of Andra Pradesh has announced to improve the market’s infrastructure, we want to see whether those promises are being implemented.

Among other things, the government promised to build loading ramps and water troughs as well as to take drastic measures against cruel animal transports. But so far, our on-site investigations show that hardly any of these promises have been kept. Nonetheless, we continue our awareness-trainings and advocating for a respectful treatment of the animals by explaining to vendors the transport regulation and the needs of their animals. At Tuni market, we see a buffalo cow being highly pregnant who just started to give birth. She should have never been brought to the market. All we can to is to arrange for her to be untethered so she can at least move freely and lie down.

Our team addresses the competent authorities on the matter. In discussion with the District Collector and the Joint Director for Animal Husbandry, they denounce the shortcomings at the markets. The authorities assure to attend to the problems.

We will stay on task. The next markets inspections are already being planned.