Tanzania: 23 Inspections at Tanzania's Biggestet Cattle Market

From July to September, on behalf of Animals’ Angels, Taweso team inspects the cattle market in Pugu, Tanzania, 23 times.

The team is present at the market twice a week and documents the situation for the animals, is handing out our leaflets and raising awareness for better handling, and closely works with the market management and market veterinary to achieve a better enforcement of animal welfare.

When Animals’ Angels first came to the market in September 2014, we were shocked by the cruelty towards the animals, especially during the chaotic loading procedures. Then we started our market project with the local NGO Taweso. The regular presence of the team at the market reflects in the behavior of the animal handlers. Over the weeks and months, less and less beating is observed and the loading is getting calmer and more gentle. It is a slow process as it is questioning behavior that has been practiced unchallenged for decades. It helps that the Taweso team managed to establish a good relationship with the market staff and the market veterinary. Both are now sometimes joining our team in educating the animal handlers on better treatment of the animals and the relevant legislation.

However, the loading ramp at Pugu is still causing a major problem. It is old, broken and the cause of many injuries for the animals. It is necessary for the government to invest into some urgently needed repair works. Animals’ Angels will be in Tanzania next week and will discuss this and other issues with Taweso and the relevant authorities.