Tanzania: Animal Transport Inspections at Kibaha Checkpoint

In August and September, on behalf of Animals’ Angels, the team of Taweso inspects animal transports at Kibaha Road-Checkpoint.

In total, the team inspects 34 animal transports, most of them transporting cattle. Together with the veterinarians working at the checkpoint, we measure each vehicle and calculate the allowed loading density. But even without legislation texts and tables, we see at first sight that all vehicles are severely overloaded. Some animals lie on the floor being jammed and unable to get up.

We talk to the drivers, point out the blatant shortcomings and inform them about the national animal welfare law.

As there are no unloading facilities at the checkpoint, the authorities let the transports drive on. They also refuse to impose penalties or fines unless they are instructed by the ministry.  

We are already in contact with the competent department inside the ministry for agriculture pushing for the Tanzanian animal welfare legislation to be finally implemented and protecting the animals. Until then, we train the authorities and drivers at checkpoints like Kibaha to sensitize them on the law and the needs of ‘farm’ animals.