Tanzania: Animal Welfare Club Farewells Graduates

At Mpwapwa Agricultural Collge in Tanzania, the Animal Welfare Club farewells this years’ graduates. 30 out of the 52 graduates are members of the Animal Welfare Club ‚We are There with the Animals‚ (based on the Animals’ Angels motto).

The students are trained at the College to become animal welfare inspectors at different inspection authorities. In the Animal Welfare Club, this next generation of inspectors learns how important it is to treat ‚farm’ animals with respect. The club has been founded after our visit in 2017 and makes extensive use of our education material.

During the graduation ceremony, each student is handed over a certificate as well as an Animals’ Angels Education Package. We have written a short speech which is held during the ceremony to motivate the students to further take a stand for the animals. We gratulate them heartily on their commitment.