Tanzania: Education Package Presented Successfully at Mpwapwa College for Agriculture

Animals‘ Angels visits Tanzania’s biggest school for agriculture where future animal transport and market inspectors are being trained.

We meet with the college’s director as well as all professors teaching animal welfare and introduce our new animal welfare education package. Our material is received enthusiastically: when we show our training film, the professors bring in a group of students so that they can benefit from the presentation.

Also, our tables made for calculating the permitted loading density of cattle and goat transports are thoroughly discussed and then integrated directly into the curriculum of all animal welfare classes. Still during our visit, one of the professors makes a pile of copies and hands them out to the present students.

At the end, we are warmly invited to give a lecture to the students during our next visit. Until then, the college wants to use our education film and our material in all animal welfare classes.

We like to thank the Mpwapwa College for the warm welcome. We are very happy about the college’s great commitment in teaching animal welfare.