Tanzania: Inspection of Pugu Cattle Market

On behalf of Animals‘ Angels, the team of Taweso and our volunteer Zuzana visit Pugu cattle market.

The problems at the loading ramp are still severe: the animals are cudgeled with sticks into the vehicles. Some fall and the following animals walk over them. Bull Tarin cannot get up anymore. He is dragged onto the vehicle by some men.

We try to intervene, but the team isn’t even allowed to make photos today. We seek talks with the authorities and push the market administration to intervene more decisively and advocate for animal welfare at the market. Things here will not change until the market administration gets active. On its own admission, the administration needs strict instructions from the ministry to actually implement animal welfare regulation and punish infringements.

We will further be there with the animals at Pugu market. And we are in contact with the ministry to pressure the authorities on-site. At the universities, we have been using our education package ‘Improving Animal Welfare in Tanzania’ to improve ‘farm’ animal welfare lessons in class. This way, we ensure that the next generation of inspectors intervene more decisively against deficiencies.