Tanzania: Our Kidsfilm is Being Shown at Elementary Schools in the North of the Country

Kidsfilm Dreams of Farm Animals

Our dream is to reach the youngest on our planet and to raise their awareness for 'farm' animals. That's why we are delighted that our children's film "The Dreams of 'Farm' Animals" is now being shown at elementary school in Tanzania – thanks to the Tanzanian organization Meru Animal Welfare Organization.

MAWO regularly visits elementary school and gives animal welfare lessons there. The topics range from street dogs to respectful treatment of 'working' animals, such as donkeys. Now our film about 'working' animals is also part of their education program! With dedicated organizations, teachers or volunteers on site, the film can spread and reach as many children as possible.

With MAWO, we have a motivated and well-connected organization that has already established contacts with schools and teachers. We would like to thank them for their support and look forward to further cooperation.