The United Arab Emirates Promote the Development of Animal Welfare in the Region

Animals‘ Angels follows the invitation by the United Arab Emirates’ Ministry of Climate Change & Environment to a virtual four-days conference titled ‘Week of Innovation on Veterinary Services’. We highly appreciate that one entire day of the conference is dedicated to animal welfare. We are convinced that every step to enhance animal welfare in the Middle East Region is of high importance. A speech about camel farming encounters our particular interest. In view of the increasing demand for camel milk world-wide, Dr Raziq warns that not the same mistakes done in the Holstein cattle dairy industry should be repeated in ‘dairy’ camel farming. He speaks about the advantages of small farms and the importance of a good human-animal relationship in farming which, as he says, starts when the animals are given a name and being called by it. Finally, he highlights the cruelty in camel transports around the world.

Dr Stuardo from the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) finalizes his speech stating that ‘animal welfare is not a destination, it is a journey’ meaning that there is constant development and improvement needed. Under this motto, we very much welcome the Arab Emirates’ efforts for better animal welfare in the country and the region.