Transport of French Cattle from Spain to Sicily: 2.400 km for Being Slaughtered

Animal transport at the port of Messina (Italy), before embarking the ferry

During three days, our team accompanies French bulls being transported from Spain to Sicily (Italy) for slaughter. A journey of 2400 km involving a sea crossing. During this journey, we meet Patrick. His nose is snotty, his legs are encrusted with dirt, he stands on the dirty floor of the truck, with nearly no space for himself. For Hector, Jules and all the other young bulls, the situation on board the truck is not better.

Also on this transport, our team identifies breaches of the EU Regulation on the protection of animals during transport. It demonstrates once more that major transport problems are still not resolved nor even taken seriously.

This is the reality of long transports of animals destined for slaughter. During such transports, non-compliance of the regulation is observed and reported by our teams in nearly every single transport. It is time to ban long-distance transports!