UAE: Visiting Camel Farm

Animals‘ Angels visits ‚Camelicious’ camel farm where 5.000 camels are kept for milk production. The farm is owned by the national government and was built in 2003 as an innovative research project. Farm veterinarian Dr Jutka tells us that the animals are kept according to the newest scientific insights and that they try to make their life as species-appropriate as possible.

Consequently, mothers and their calves are separated not until weaning. Furthermore, all animals have the possibility to follow their need for movement at the miles-long exercise track. But despite the high standards, like in all dairy farming, the male calves are considered a ‚by-product’ and are sold together with the ‚worn-out’ female camels.

We thank Dr Jutka for the extensive tour. All the information received will be incorporated in our current camel project.