EU Animal Welfare Initiatives

When it comes to animal welfare in the European Union, there is still a wide gap between ambition and reality. That is why Animals' Angels is working in various EU bodies for more animal protection and better implementation of existing legislation.

What are the Animals Suffering From?

In the EU, there are numerous animal welfare laws dealing with husbandry, transport and slaughter – some of which provide good enforcement tools. However, the regulations and directives are incomplete: Important rules are missing, cannot be implemented in practice, or are too vague. Although laws are intended to protect the animals, they are too often interpreted to their disadvantage.

What Animals' Angels Does Against it

In order to combat this development, we are involved in the preparation of animal welfare guidelines and raise our voice for animals in various EU bodies.

Animals' Angels is a Member of the EU Animal Welfare Platform

In 2017, the EU Commission established its own animal welfare platform. It is intended to bring together representatives of interest groups and science, NGOs, Member States and international institutions. The aim is to promote animal welfare through networking and mutual understanding. It is also intended to support the EU Commission in developing coordinated measures for animal protection. This includes, for example, better implementation of EU animal welfare laws and the promotion of animal welfare across EU borders. The committee meets twice a year in Brussels.

Animals' Angels is a Member of the Platform's Subgroup on Animal Transport

Animals' Angels is one of the 20 official members of the Animal Transport sub-group of the EU Animal Welfare Platform and participates in the working group on cattle exports. The committee is to advise the Animal Welfare Platform on animal transport issues and, in dialogue with the agribusiness sector and the Member States, to bring about improvements for animals during transport.

Animals' Angels is a Member of the Working Group on Animal Welfare for Equidae

Under the umbrella of the EU Animal Welfare Platform, a voluntary working group has been established on equidae in Europe. The group wants to create common guidelines to improve the understanding and handling of equidae in the EU. In 2018, the members developed several leaflets and two comprehensive guidelines: one for horses, the other for donkeys, mules and hinnies.

Animals' Angels is Part of the Working Group ‚Animal Welfare for Fish'

This committee develops principles for animal-friendly handling of fish during rearing, transport and slaughter. In addition to Animals' Angels, it includes other animal welfare organisations and stakeholders, veterinary experts and representatives of Member States.

EU Guideslines on Animal Transport

As part of the EU project 'Animal Transport Guides', Animals' Angels was involved in the preparation of animal transport guidelines for horses:

Practical Guidelines to Assess Fitness for Transport of Cattle, Pigs and Horses

Animals' Angels was involved in the development of the EU-wide guidelines for assessing fitness for transport of cattle, pigs and horses.

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