Police and Veterinary Trainings

With the multitude of tasks performed by police and official veterinarians, the animals are often neglected during training and in practice. Animals' Angels therefore offers training courses for police and veterinary authorities in various countries.

What are the Animals Suffering From?

The EU animal welfare transport regulation is very complex and, in many cases, difficult to implement. Thus, to monitor animal transports, specially trained officials would be required. However, with the multitude of tasks performed by police and official veterinarians, animals during transport are often neglected in training and practice. The result is additional and avoidable animal suffering.

Thorough controls and plausibility checks of planned animal transports are a challenge and require expertise knowledge. Especially due to the complexity and contradictoriness of animal welfare transport regulation EG 01/2005. Time pressure is aggravating. Again and again, veterinary authorities approve transports, even if they do not comply with animal welfare regulation.

  • Over distances which exceed the permitted transport times.
  • Too many animals per truck are permitted. As a result, not all animals reach the water troughs, do not have enough space to lie down and stand up; the air cannot circulate in the confined space and the smell of ammonia is biting.
  • The temperatures along the planned route exceed or fall below the maximum temperatures permitted for transport. The consequence can be dehydration, fatigue, heat stress and even death.
  • Police officers also check animal transports as part of traffic checks. However, animal welfare regulation and the necessary basic knowledge about the various animal species is often not part of their training. 
  • The papers of the driver and the vehicle are checked, but the transport conditions and the condition of the animals are mostly disregarded.
  • Without appropriate training, it is difficult for the police to assess whether animals should be unloaded in an emergency. Animals in distress remain undiscovered and untreated.

What Animals' Angels Does Against it

Again and again, we see animals suffering during transport, although it could have been avoided. Therefore, we offer training for police and official veterinarians. Thanks to our many years of experience and comprehensive expertise, we can provide important assistance.

In our practical training courses, we explain what needs to be taken into account during inspections. The knowledge acquired motivates the officials to check animal transports more frequently and to help the animals.

Our Goals:

  • Precise and strict controls by official veterinarians.
  • Regular and effective checks by the police.
  • Spare the animals on transport from additional suffering.

So far, Animals' Angels has trained more than 7.000 officials on animal welfare during transport, including officials in Germany, France, Italy, Portugal, Lithuania, Latvia and Bulgaria.

Project Leader:
Julia Havenstein


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