Silvia Meriggi
This year's Julia Award winner is Animals' Angels employee Silvia Meriggi. For years now, she has been working tirelessly and with great expertise for the animals.



CRPI Field Team
The Julia Award 2014 was awarded to the CRPI Field Team from India: Krishnaveni and Sridevi. With courage and determination both women face the challenges of their work every day and despite insults and hostilities they stand up for the animals.



Julia Havenstein
Name-giver and first prize winner of the award. Julia has been working for Animals' Angels since 2003 and during this time she has also shown extraordinary courage in dangerous situations for the animals.


Julia Award for Courage

With its Julia Award, Animals' Angels honours people who are particularly courageous in their work for animal welfare. Because extraordinary courage deserves extraordinary recognition.

The Award Winners


Dr. Madeleine Martin
In 2021, our award was given to the Animal Welfare Officer of the State of Hesse (photo on the far right), who has made her heart's desire her profession: Helping animals out of all kinds of distress, enforcing applicable law in their interests and being their voice – with perseverance and courage.


Luca Dal Monte
2018, the award was given to policeman Luca Dal Monte from Italy. For many years now, he has been a tireless champion of the animals on transport. Thanks to his commitment, Italy has one of the most motivated police forces in Europe for controlling animal transports.



Dr. Alexander Rabitsch
Dr. Alexander Rabitsch received the Julia Award 2017. Because he shows courage: whether in his former office as animal transport inspector in Carinthia, when dealing with the EU Commission, or in his assignments with Animals' Angels.



Jan Peifer
In 2016, we awarded the Julia Award to Jan Peifer from Deutsches Tierschutzbüro, who we would like to honour for his courageous research in 'intense livestock farming' and his commitment the animals.