Our Strategy

According to our motto, we are 'there with the animals' and advocate for their protection. We take a close look at shortcomings, provide first aid, document problems with photos and videos, and prepare reports or lodge complaints. We attach great importance to trusting cooperation with the authorities.

Missing animal welfare is an international problem all countries have to struggle with. Even those who have animal protection laws, for example for animal transport and farming. Animals' Angels is therefore active in Europe and worldwide, being involved in two areas: In line with our motto, we are there with the animals, while advocating for better animal protection towards authorities and politicians. The basis for our success is a fact-oriented, but less publicity-oriented approach.

Our investigations lead us to where the so-called 'farm animals' are kept, transported, traded and slaughtered. This is only possible with specially trained employees who are extremely resilient and qualified. We take a close look, provide first aid, document grievances through photos and films and prepare reports. We lodge complaints to the authorities and file reports in accordance with existing laws.

We attach great importance to trustful cooperation with the authorities, the police and political decision-makers. Our information is always first-hand and considered serious. Thanks to our expertise and many years of experience in the field, we are in demand as experts at specialist conferences, publish articles and train police officers and veterinarians. In addition, we are present at various political levels, including in the EU, in committees and working groups. Where necessary, we also negotiate animal welfare problems directly with the agricultural industry or turn to the media. It is essential that we adopt a clear stance, based on our solidarity with the animals.

In dealing with traditions that want to justify animal suffering, we focus on dialogue and education across cultural borders. For our international investigations, we rely on cooperation with committed individuals or organisations on-site.

Our fact-oriented approach means that we largely refrain from public campaigns. We only work with the media in exceptional cases. We believe in long-term education bringing about lasting change.

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