Camels are proud and unwavering animals. In the Arab world, they bear the legendary name "desert ships". Many camels are still allowed to live in deserts or steppes – but with the growing demand for camel milk and meat, the number of camels used in agriculture is also steadily increasing. While much is being invested in the modernization of breeding and milking methods, the protection of the animals in the emerging camel industry is being neglected. This is where Animals' Angels comes in.

Our Project and Information on the Topic

We may not be able to stop the industrialization of camel farming and the exploitation of the animals for meat, milk, breeding, sport or tourism. But we can promote the protection of camels and work to ensure that they are treated with respect and receive the best possible care.

Since 2017, Animals' Angels has been conducting research on the ground in Qatar, Oman, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt. We inspect farms and camel markets, accompany camel transports and observe slaughterings. We are a member of the International Society for Camelid Research and Development (ISOCARD). We have signed a joint memorandum with the International Camel Organization (ICO) to promote the protection of camels worldwide. Animals' Angels organizes and supports training events on camel welfare.