01.04.2016 | Inspection of Pig Transport, Hungary - Georgia

Animals‘ Angels inspects a transport of pigs going from Hungary to Georgia for slaughter.

After the truck has crossed all Romania, it is loaded onto a ship in Bulgaria. The sea transport takes two additional days. Furthermore, the journey time is extended by waiting time at the harbor and during customs clearance for import and export on leaving EU territory.

There is not enough bedding inside the vehicle so that the animals partially lie on the bare metal floor and in their own excrements accumulating in the compartments. As the water system does not work properly, the animals are not provided with water during the waiting time at the harbor. The Lithuanian transport company’s driver shrugs off, holding that pigs were not animals. Hence, in addition to the unavoidable stress during transport, the animals are subjected to a driver who barely cares for them.

Animals’ Angels files a complaint to the competent veterinary authority and will continue inspecting this transport route.