01.09.2015 | Visiting Muchea Saleyard

Animals’ Angels attend the yard today where over 8.500 sheep and lambs are for sale.

We discover one sheep with a cancer near his eye who has already been withdrawn from the sale, which means the saleyard staff had found him and kept him separate. He is shot. There is also a sheep who had a bleeding cut on his lower eye lid. It looks as though he may have run into a rail, because the tissue surrounding his eye is a little swollen, but the eye itself seems to be okay and so staff declare him fit to load.

We observe two drivers using electrical shock prodders to move sheep; however because of the way the sheep move when touched it appears the driver doesn’t always discharge the power through the prodder. All dogs are muzzled and many of the sheep being collected by the drivers are put in the outgoing pens on soft ground. These pens have water troughs.