05.09.2015 | Inspection of Horse Transport

The team of Viva! Interwencje, on behalf of Animals' Angels, on their way back from Pajęczno market, spot a truck transporting horses which is completely not suitable for animal transport.

The tailgate of the truck is secured with a homemade wooden crate. Besides, the truck is not equipped with a loading ramp and is missing any air vents, so the driver left the tailgate open, tying it to the chassis with a straw. The team suspects that the truck departed from Pajęczno which is already 85km past, and the driver exceeds the speed limit of 60km/h applying to local transports.

The police who arrives to stop the transport confirms that information. The fine for transporting animals with an unsuitable means of transport may range from 20 to 5.000 polish zloty. The policemen decide to impose a fine of only 100 zloty (~25 Euro). In our opinion, such a fine is far too low, next to the danger caused by a driver transporting horses with such a rickety means of transport on a motorway. In addition, the team informs the police that the driver's style of driving suggests he might be drunk, but the policemen decide to not test him for alcohol.