06.08.2015 | Inspection of Nausad Animal Market

Nasaud is the biggest market where 'farm' animals are sold for local consumption in the county of Bistrita-Nasaud in Romania. Since Animals’ Angels checked it for the first time in 2013 the local authorities made little steps to improve the animals’ condition.

It is one of the few markets with a roof to protect from the sun and some new metal pens have been recently constructed to accomodate sheep and goats so their owners won’t have to keep them with their legs tied together anymore.

The cruel show with horses dragging stones has been banned by the local police and a private veterinarian has been employed by the municipality to check the market. However, the veterinarian seems not to be well trained to stop the rough handling of pigs and the inadequate transport of sheep and calves in vehicles without lateral protection.

Animals’ Angels will continue to make pressure on the authorities to make the European legislation be enforced to ensure minimum protection for animals during transport and during their stay at markets.