09.07.2015 | Visiting Wangaratta Livestock Exchange

Animals’ Angels visit Wangaratta Livestock Exchange to look over the yard and the 380 cattle who are for sale.

The facility is undergoing a major upgrade with the installation of a new roof and soft floors. It is anticipated this will make a big difference to welfare as hard concrete floors the cattle stand on overnight is known to cause the animals to become foot sore and as a result they are reluctant to move about. 

We observe a number of cattle appearing stiff showing unwillingness to move. The handling is acceptable, we do not observe the use of electrical prodders or dogs by handlers, staff or agents. ‘Flappers’ are used to get animals to move is they are considered acceptable within the industry. We observe a number of very thin dairy cows; some are in our view a BCS of 1-1.5. The Victorian Dept of Agriculture Officer is present and although he states the animals are BCS 2, he is satisfied the cows are able to move and are fit to transport.

We are invited back to attend the opening of the facility later in September.