10.04.2015 | Preparation of Animal Welfare Workshop

Animals’ Angels is invited to participate in a local festival in Morocco and give a workshop on animal welfare at markets.

After meetings with several authorities, a formal agreement, the uncertainty of the date and a last-minute postponement, the team finally travels to Rabat packed with flyers, stickers and panels arranged for the event.

The team, including Alberto from ANDA in Spain, reviews the speech together with the translator of Arab and the day ends with the excitement of finally starting to be in the field talking directly to the people and make a difference for the animals.

However, the next morning a bitter surprise awaits the team. The event has been postponed again without notice. Animals’ Angels does not surrender and offers to arrange an alternative workshop at the weekly market to gather the farmers and interact using the informative material. The authorities show an unpleasant resistance opposing new formalities as excuses to hinder the new plan. It takes two hours of tiring discussion to obtain a space at the market to start the mission for the thousands of animals that every week are submitted to violence and mistreatment.

Animals’ Angels will continue to take a stand for 'farm' animals in Morocco.