10.05.2014 | Romania, Inspection of Calarasi Animal Market

Küken Toma, Tiermarkt Calarasi
Küken Toma, Tiermarkt Calarasi
Küken Toma, Tiermarkt Calarasi

The animal market of Calarasi takes place on a weekly basis. It’s not very big but several dozens of animals are brought for sale. Birds and pigs are sold directly out of vehicles like sedan cars, vans or pick-ups without top cover. Horses are used for transport as well.

Our partner, the veterinarian Luana, is at the market today and notices that the situation of the chicks is particularly concerning. They are packed tightly and some appear very weak and unable to stand.

Some come directly from Italy. According to the information given by the seller they were already travelling at the age of one day. Toma is one of these chicks and lucky because he has been rescued by Luana. She is taking care of him by force-feeding and giving him supplements. His legs are temporarily tied with an elastic band to impede them from opening and prevent him from falling down; this veterinary measure helps him to walk.

In general nothing has changed at the market. Poultry is exposed shackled, lifted at legs or wings and sold in bags. Piglets and poultry are transported in trunks in which they have to stay crouched; no light or air exchange inside.

The veterinary office is locked. There are no signs erected to inform visitors and sellers about basic animal welfare rules and the market’s code of conduct. No authority checks the animals and their documents at the entrance or exit.

The town hall promised Animals’ Angels that first steps would be taken in order to improve the handling and conditions of the animals. After five months not even a little effort has been undertaken. Animals’ Angels will ask for the withdrawal of the market’s permission for animal sale because it fails to meet the conditions required by law.