11.06.2015 | Inspection of Cattle Saleyard

Animals’ Angels visit a large cattle saleyard in the south of Western Australia. 1249 cattle are for sale and included are cull dairy cows. The cows are in acceptable condition for sale. This yard is quiet, calm, very tidy and clean. Every pen has water and the troughs are also clean. Handling is calm and only flappers are used to move the animals: electric prodders and dogs are prohibited.

On the floor of the pens is robber matting which helps greatly to avoid the feet of the cattle from being sore and the management are planning to roof the area over the ramps and outgoing pens.

We observe on steer with weeping stains beneath both eyes, and we bring the condition to the attention of management. They take the steer to the crush and two seeds are removed from his right eye and a stalk from a seed is removed from his left eye. The other animals are in good condition.

The saleyard separate mother cows from their approx two week old young to prevent the chance the small calves may get hurt. A group of mothers are in pens next to their young so that they can see, smell and hear each other.  The animals appeared calm and quiet.

A DAFWA compliance officer is present during the sale.