12.3.2012 | Australia | Ballarat Saleyard, Victoria

ANIMALS’ ANGELS observe sheep arriving for the sale the next day. Handling was reasonably calm and many of the animals were in good condition although we note that many sheep suffer from overgrown hooves. A number of sheep are shot; some due to severe emaciation. These sheep should not have been transported. The management said they will contact authorities and also charge the vendors for the euthanasia and disposal of the animal. On our previous visit, we had raised a number of issues at this yard including the holes in the flooring, high pen densities, vendors pushing sheep off the back of the utilities and not using a ramp to unload, along with unfit animals in sale pens. We also suggested contracting a veterinarian to provide assistance to identify sheep that are unfit. We observe some changes: holes have been repaired and assurance is given that repairs to the floor are ongoing. Another 5 ramps for trailers and utes are to be built and installed, agents are more aware about sheep who are not ‘fit to load’ and that those sheep must be attended to without delay. A local vet has been contacted but arrangements have yet to be finalised. We noted new signage which highlights use of prodders, dogs and using ramps have been erected. We strongly encourage Ballarat Management to continue with improvements and watch for non compliant behaviours.