15.03.2012 | Australia | Magistrates Court- Armadale

Animals’ Angels attended the Magistrates Court to observe the proceedings concerning the prosecution of 2 people and a company over alleged animal cruelty. Both Mr Dale Collins; owner of Peel Pet food and Mr James Tillet; manager of the Rural Export and Trading Western Australia (RETWA) live export feedlot known as ‘Peel Feedlot’ are facing 5 charges for alleged cruelty to animals whilst the company RETWA faces 6 charges for alleged cruelty. The allegations concern an incident in 2009 involving animals said to have been unfit and which had been ‘rejected’ from live export and transported back from the port to the feedlot then to the slaughterhouse. Other details of the allegations are that many of the animals which needed immediate veterinarian attention or euthanasia were not attended to. The charges include that the animals are said to have suffered harm which could have been alleviated by the taking of reasonable steps. The case is adjourned until 1 June 2012.