17.04.2016 | Inspection of Animal Markets

Animals‘ Angels supports its Moroccan team, Ali and Habib. Together with volunteer Boubaker, we inspect two markets near Rabat. Both of them are doing an excellent job during their regular market inspections: they water the animals and free the horses and donkeys from their saddles, harnesses and carts. Besides, they are tirelessly doing educational work by talking to the owners showing them simple means of providing relief to their animals. For example, how to build pens for the chickens and ducks who otherwise would be placed on the ground with their legs tied together.

Louis, Tiermarkt Marokko

At one of the markets we meet Louis, an extremely emaciated stallion having scraped front legs and very bad teeth – he probably suffers from toothache. He is hitched up to a big cart being loaded with heavy sacks. We try to convince the owner to unhitch Louis, but he remains adamant. Unfortunately, we are not able to do any more for Louis than to get him a new halter, free his shackled legs, treat his wound and give him feed and water.

We also meet the male donkey Michele who, saddled and tethered, waits for his owner. As we unsaddle him, we spot an open, purulent wound at his back which we immediately clean and disinfect. In order to spare injured Michele from carrying any loads, we walk him and his owners home. An unusual caravan trots off: we on foot with Michele and his owners and their goods in our car following us in walking speed.  After two hours of walking we finally reach their home. We are very glad that we were able to alleviate Michele’s way home. His owner promises us to treat his wounds and to not saddle him until he is fully recovered.

Rückenwunde Michele, Weg nach Hause

Despites Ali’s and Habib’s efforts and commitment, we are aware that it is still a long way to go until the disastrous conditions at the markets will improve for the animals. But we will not give up and continue to apply pressure, also at political level, to improve their situation and to finally achieve legal protection for them.