27.08.2016 | Supporting the Animals a t Mers El Kheir Market

Our Moroccan Animals‘ Angels team is on its way to Mers El Kheir market to bring some relief to the animals. Already early in the morning it is so unbearably hot that Ali, Habib and Boubaker go to work immediately. They give water to the donkeys and horses standing tethered at the market. To refill their water cans, they can still rely on a man hosting a food stand who offers them free water at any time.

Again today our team gets some active support – this time from the older sister of Mohamed, the young boy who has recently been helping them to care for the donkeys. As the siblings show such great interest in the work of our team, the idea comes up to host a mini-workshop in which all the children living near the market can learn more about animals and their needs.