29.06.–30.06.2012 | Lithuania | Netherlands

Animals‘ Angels team trails two animal trucks in Poland. The trucks are transporting unweaned calves from Lithuania and Latvia to the Netherlands. The drivers have no intention to unload the very young calves for 24 hours on the way to rest and feed them. When both trucks cross the border into Germany Animals’ Angels informs the German highway police and competent veterinary. The authorities react immediately and stop the truck on the German motorway. The animals have been on the road for more than 16 hours and the distance to the final place of destination in Holland is still 750 km. The hungry and exhausted calves are bleating loud and lick the bars. After inspecting the animals, the truck, and the paper work, the German authorities send both trucks to a nearby control post to immediately unload and rest the animals and carry out the 24 hours stop. Animals’ Angels follows the trucks and ensures their arrival at the control post.

Animals’ Angels wants to thank the German authorities for their immediate help for the animals. Animals’ Angels will inform the officials in Lithuania and the Netherlands about the problems inherent in the transport of unweaned calves on this route and will keep fighting for an immediate ban of long distance transport of all unweaned animals as it is impossible to meet the needs of these highly vulnerable animals on transports that take longer than 8 hours.