Animal transports to Albania: EU Commission does Nothing about Situation at the Border

Cattle Transport Albania

Before Christmas, we are on investigation in Greece, on the border with Albania. For years we have been warning the European Commission that animal transports leave the EU without veterinary control. This must not happen! The Commission and the authorities in Greece have already admitted this.

We are disappointed to see that nothing has changed in the situation. Within a few days we see four transports with calves and pigs entering Albania uncontrolled. The calves stand in the trucks without bedding, crammed together in their own excrement. Dimitar's face is covered in blood - one of his horns is broken off. Ioan has an eye infection and Vasil is even blind in one eye. One of the trucks doesn't even have drinkers for the long haul. No veterinarian checks on the animals here at the border to document violations and to be able to help the animals in case of emergency.

We immediately inform the authorities and the members of the EU Parliament. They must finally fulfill their duty to stop the unspeakable transports across the border to Albania!