Animal Transports to Turkey: Emma, Marie, Frieda – Inside the Trucks we Spot Many Cows From Germany

Animals' Angels inspects animal transports from the EU to Turkey: as soon as we can see into the first transporter, our eyes immediately fall on the ear tags. The cows are all German cows from North Rhine-Westphalia. According to the driver they were loaded in Aurich, Lower Saxony.

We think back to the countless newspaper articles from last year: states demand a ban on animal transports to non-EU states; animal transports in 17 states are outlawed – including Turkey; animal protection must not end at the EU's external border.

And while we briefly follow our thoughts and ask ourselves what has become of all these demands, the next transporter is already stopping next to us. This one is also loaded with animals from Aurich. Some animals have names on their ear tags and are looking at us curiously. Maybe it is because of the familiar language?

We discover Emma and Marie in the middle compartment. For both animals the ceiling height seems to be too low, because neither of them can lift their heads. At least the truck is covered with fresh straw. But even that is only a little solace. A short time later we discover Frieda. She lies on her side for a while, her head on the ground. We watch her for a while until she raises her head and angles it to the body. She is clearly not doing well.

Unfortunately, we don't have many opportunities outside the EU to help Frieda. We have to let her go. Only a transport ban can stop the suffering of cows like Frieda, Emma and Marie. And until then, we will continue to be with the animals.