Mai 2016 | Calf Adoptions / Animal Market Committee Meetings

In May, our CRPI Team in India focused on the hundreds of calves donated by devotees to the temple of Simhachalam. Without our team taking action, the calves would have invariably been overloaded in trucks and transported to animal markets for slaughter. Our team was able to procure 839 calves to 700 farmers coming from indigent families who have been ascertained to be adequate and reliable. Before they were allowed to adopt a calf, they had to sign a declaration that they will never sell them to slaughter. The remaining calves have found a place in the VSPCA shelter.

In the region of Nasipatnam and Yelamanchili, our team met the relevant officials responsible for the conduction of the animal shandies committee meetings. As of this year, every animal market located in Andhra Pradesh has to convene a market committee and hold regular meetings. Our team is part of those committees, but so far, no meetings have been held. Our team is in contact with the director of the Animal Husbandry Department to apply pressure on the relevant authorities.