March 2016 | Success in India: Supreme Court Instructs Government to Improve Cattle Markets

Since 2012 Animals' Angels has been active in India. Together with the local organization VSCPA, we advocate for ending the cruel transport conditions and for the existing animal welfare laws to be applied to ‘farm’ animals as well.

We now have achieved a first big success: The VSPCA has recently submitted to the Supreme Court in Andhra Pradesh all findings and observations which have been gathered by Animals’ Angels and the VSPCA during joint investigations in the past three years. After close examination, the Supreme Court has instructed the federal government to modernize all of its 32 state-owned cattle markets and to immediately enforce the strict animal transport legislation.

This is a tremendous success and a major step in the right direction. It is now for the government and its enforcement authorities to act. We will continue to pursue this issue!