07.08.2015 | Kontrolle des Tiermarktes in Tasnad

Animals' Angels is in the county of Satu Mare, north-west Romania, to again check the small market of Tasnad where pigs, calves and cows are sold every week.

At the markets' location, at the very the beginning, there was literally nothing but a plain field where a small number of animals was exposed by local farmers and vendors, mostly for fattening. It is still like this today, but in addition, vendors expose piglets for sale in their vehicles and calves are transported in unstable carts without lateral protection and even in passenger cars. The handling is still rough, but due to the heat in summer, at around 10:30 a.m., the vendors already leave the market.

New metal pens are being in construction in order to accommodate animals in the shade and provide them with grass. A veterinarian is present to check the animals’ documents at the entrance.

At Tasnad, the most difficult part for us is to change the farmers' traditions and habits. Animals’ Angels will continue to make pressure and give input to the authorities to find a way for change in accordance with the legislation.