Animal Transports During Easter: Animal Children with Fear in Their Eyes – Thousands of Kilometres Across Europe

Calves on Transport in Germany

Animals' Angels is on the road in Germany. Despite the stricter Corona regulations, animal transports roll day in, day out across the country and beyond through Europe and even further.

In the week before Easter we accompany, among others, a transport of young calves. Among them we find Murmel. The baby animal was born in Germany. He is on the transport to Poland together with other calves from Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. The calves, which are just a few months old, started their journey in the Netherlands. Although they have only been on the road for a few hours, some are already showing signs of hunger and licking the bars of the transporter. At this point, they still have more than 800 kilometers ahead of them, which they must endure on board the vehicles.

They don't remain the only baby animals we meet this week: Piglets a few weeks old from Denmark on their way to Romania. There they are to be fattened up. They are exhausted and tired and huddle close together. One of them is Theo. He looks at us through the bars of the transporter. When we ask, the driver turns on the water so that he and the others can drink. We accompany Theo and hundreds of other piglets to the Czech border. We can't go any further because of the current entry regulations - the piglets can. They still have over 1000 kilometers to go at this point.

Even if at first glance there are no obvious violations of the law to be found here, it becomes clear once again: long transports of baby animals must finally come to an end. From hour to hour the strains for them become bigger. Hunger, thirst and exhaustion increase with the duration of the transports. That is why we are campaigning in Germany and the EU for a revision of the EU regulation on the protection of animals during transport - so that it finally becomes worthy of its name.