Animal Transports in Germany: Pigs Stay Overnight in the Truck at Subzero Temperatures

Animals' Angels inspects animal transports in Germany. On a motorway in northern Germany we discover a transport with pigs. After a two-hour trailing, around midnight, he stops at the premises of an animal transport company. We learn that the driver is taking a break here. The pigs stay on the truck. We want to know how long and wait outside the area.

Again, and again transporters leave the premise, others arrive. The temperature drops to -8 °C that night. The pig transporter does not continue its journey until the early morning hours. We follow the truck another five and a half hours to a slaughterhouse. In between, the driver stops and we can take this photo of Emil.

How long was Emil on the road before we met him? Why did he have to wait almost six hours on the transporter at -8° C and why was this not taken into account in the planning? How did he feel on the truck during the last 12 hours at sub-zero temperatures?

Animals' Angels will not leave these questions unanswered. We will take action for Emil and the other pigs at the responsible veterinary authority and file a complaint.