Animal Transports to Turkey: Animals Have to Wait at Customs Despite Temperatures of 35 °C

With two teams, Animals‘ Angels inspects animal transports at the Bulgarian-Turkish border. We spot several transports with sheep and cattle. Despite temperatures of up to 35 °C, the transports stand in the sun, waiting, because they are still not prioritized over regular cargo trucks. They share the same waiting line, although, according to EU regulation, precautions should be taken to prioritize them.  

For more than an hour, Elza and 57 other heifers from Hungary have to wait in the queue – in the blazing sun. They face several more hours of waiting inside customs area. After that, the transport will continue for around 800 km.

More and more transports arrive at the border. We see animals suffering from the heat, being visibly exhausted, despite temperatures of ‚only’ 28 °C.