Australia: Visiting Laidley Saleyard

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On Friday evening, Animals’ Angels visit the horse sale at Laidley saleyard to observe the conditions of horses who have been delivered for the sale on Saturday. There is a water container in each pen but some are empty. We advise the person in charge so that he can fill the empty containers. We note one horse has a significant cut under his jawline. A section of skin has been sliced away and there is also a deep cut. Biosecurity Queensland had already attended and will return on Saturday to reassess him.

We return on Saturday to again look for water, densities, and the injured horse. Each pen has water and a worker is ensuring the containers remain full which was good as this is an uncovered yard and it is 31 degrees at 12 lunchtime. There are approximately 150-160 horses who, apart from the injured horse, are fit to transport. We discuss the assessment and future of the injured horse being clear that in our view he is not fit to transport unless it is done under veterinary advice. A vet attended and decided that he would be taken to a veterinary clinic for further assessment and or treatment.