Bulgaria: Empty Prominses – no Improvements for the Animals at Markets in Haskovo and Raskovski

Emaciated and Injured Mare at Animal Market in Bulgaria

Animals' Angels is in Bulgaria at the weekly markets in Haskovo and Raskovski. In addition to all kinds of goods, cattle, horses and donkeys, sheep, goats, rabbits and poultry are sold.

We have already complained to the Bulgarian authorities several times about the way the animals are treated, housed and transported here – and about their sometimes miserable state of health. The ministry then presented us with a comprehensive plan to improve the situation. We now want to check the implementation of this plan – and are bitterly disappointed. Nothing has improved for the animals. Once again the Bulgarian official veterinarians have made empty promises.

Calves are sold with their legs tied together from the trunk of a car. Emaciated sheep with respiratory problems are hoisted onto closed vans without light and ventilation. Nervous foals stand tied to vehicles, and dealers beat up horses and cattle who do not know how to get onto the vehicles without a ramp.

We especially notice the emaciated mares Iliana and Rosalia. Iliana is covered with abrasions and has old injuries on her swollen legs. You can clearly see Rosalia's pain. She does not know how to stand to ease her pain. On her left flank there is an open wound.

As expected, we are not welcome at the markets. In both places we are quickly thrown out by the management, saying that we would bring nothing but trouble. But we will not be turned away and continue to work for the animals at the markets and we will propose to the veterinary authorities to carry out joint inspections on-site.