Egypt: Cruelty to animals, heat, crowdedness and chaos at the camel market in Birqash

Cruelty to animals, heat, crowdedness, chaos, that is what awaits our vet team when they finally can go back to the camel market in Birqash near Cairo. Omar and Eslam could not be there with the camels for more than three months due to COVID-19 restrictions. But now they are back, and the market is fuller than ever before due to forthcoming the Muslim feast of Eid-el-Kabir. Many transports arrive, camels are unloaded everywhere, there is a blistering heat and yet adults and children run around nervously. At the exit, Omar and Eslam stop a transport that has loaded three camels, Haftar, Nadin and Alba. Haftar has an open bleeding wound on his head. While Eslam tries to treat him, Omar talks to the driver. He states that the camels have been beaten for hours at the market, so it is normal that they are injured. Haftar cries out again and again, perhaps from pain. Dried blood sticks to his nostrils and mouth.

The situation is untenable. Omar and Eslam take care of as many camels as possible and supply the exhausted animals with water. Due to the hectic rush, it is particularly difficult to make the traders and drivers listen to them today, but the two vets try and also this time they go to the local veterinary office to complain about the unbearable situation and the violence that is taking place at the market.