Egypt: Our Vets Fight the Chaos and the Beatings at Birqash Camel Market

Camels on Transport at Camel Market in Birqash, Egypt

Our vet team is back with the camels at the market in Birqash near Cairo. The Muslim Feast of Eid-el-Kabir is just around the corner. The market is fuller and more chaotic than ever before – the traders are everywhere with their sticks, trying to get the camels under control with violent blows. Omar and Eslam are horrified by the high number of camels at the market. At almost 40 °C they are patiently taking care of the injured animals and providing them with water and food. This time the situation is even more tense and complicated than before: Some workers are very stressed and refuse the help of our vets. They want to load the camels as fast as possible, as they have more work today due to high demand.

The pregnant camel Marwa is standing between ten other camels near the loading ramps. A worker begins to tie up one leg of each camel in this group so that the camels are forced to walk on three legs. Another worker begins to randomly beat camels to drive them onto the pick-ups. Marwa trembles and is also beaten. Omar and Eslam see the situation while they care for a wounded camel. Eslam runs to Marwa. Suddenly the birth begins. The vets immediately take her to a quieter place and take care of her. Unfortunately, the baby is stillborn. The owner refuses the help of our team, although they took care of Marwa.

Omar and Eslam are on the market for two days in a row. They are tired and frustrated, but at the same time they want to continue working so that one day things will change.