Egypt: Our Vets Tackle the Practical Problems During Camel Transport

The Animals' Angels team is at the camel market in Birqash near Cairo. They are with the animals and continue to educate the traders and workers there.

During their last visit, they handed out plenty of information material and held talks with the workers and camel owners. This time they want to tackle one of the many practical problems during transport: the lack of bedding on the vehicles. Therefore our team buys straw, and while Omar distributes the straw in the vehicles, Eslam explains to the workers how important it is to have bedding material.

As expected, many of the workers do not want to listen. But the Animals' Angels team is not losing patience. They are confident that the message will get through anyway. Since it is common at the market that children mistreat the animals, the team also takes time for them. We hope that – if they themselves are taken seriously and are being respected – they will also treat the camels with more kindness and respect.