Greece: Animal transports still on the road despite heat

After months in the home office, Animals' Angels finally returns to the streets. We are on the roads in Greece. Temperatures during the day are 40 °C and more.

In summer, usually more Romanian lambs are transported to Greece to meet the tourists' demand for meat. This time we do not find quite as many transports as last year. This could be due to the recently lifted travel restrictions due to COVID19, or the intense traffic jams at the Bulgarian-Greek border.

Yet, in this heat, every transport is one too much. Even though some of the transports we observe travel through Greece in the evening and at night when it is a bit less hot, the transport conditions for the animals remain unchanged. There are too many animals on board.

The drivers hardly allow us to have a look at the animals: on this route they are particularly aggressive and often do not even let us go near the trucks. Nevertheless, we catch a few moments and see lambs, kids and even cattle from Romania. They suffer from the heat, because in the evening it is still 30 °C. And the cramped conditions within the transports prevent any cooling possibility.

Animals' Angels has already called on the Romanian government more than once to stop the transports in the hottest months. We have also repeatedly called on Greece to tighten official road checks. We will continue to be on the roads with Alya, Neve, Alba and Lilie, and will raise our voice for them in our complaints.